What does rockstarnot mean? My name is Scott Lake.  So, why is this site called 'Rockstarnot.rekkerd.org'?  Well, the answer is kind of silly, really.  If you participate in online forums, you know that you have to pick some kind of an identity to call yourself.  I also wanted to avoid something that wasn't memorable, like 'SL475926', or some other identity assigned by a computer system somewhere.  So I decided to use a name that describes something that I'm not; a Rockstar - hence, rockstarnot.  This also, I'm sorry to say, goes back to my junior high days when a group of my buddies had great fun calling each other names, or giving each other compliments, then adding 'not' to the end of it as a negation.  So, we would say something like "I really like that shirt you are wearing today Tim.........not"  Very funny, yes?  No, not really.

What I am.  I am a Christian - at least trying to make it through this life by following Christ's teachings.  I am a husband to my wonderful wife, Rachel.  I am a father to 4 great kids.  I am an engineer for work, and a musician for fun.  The main purpose of this website is to provide a place where I can share some of my music with other people on the planet. jump to top

My Music

Current Songs These are songs that I've done in the last couple of years.  You won't find much cohesiveness in style here.  I like music from Gregorian Chant to U2 to Soulive to Allison Krauss and Union Station to Starflyer 59.  I like to emulate the best of what moves me in the sounds of these influences with music of my own creation.  Just click on the song titles to open a new page that will describe the inspiration behind the song, how I made the song and let you listen to / download the song.

Loser Agua Fria
View From Mulholland Cerulean Sky
Transit of Venus Ambishot
All for Free Meet Dinh Hoang

KVRaudio.com music competition songs These are songs that I've composed, recorded, etc. for the www.kvraudio.com monthly music contests. Contest content involves some kind of a theme and a 2 minute song length limit.  Thanks to www.markleford.com for hosting the contests and the songs. Left click to play, right click to download.

1.75 jam (7/4 time) The Golden Age (cover)
How to NoVox
60 seconds Imogen Heap H&S remix
Supamarket Shoppa Tree
Spritus Sanctus Vivificans Vita How to get your kids interested in sampling

Collaborations Songs I've collaborated on. Left click to play, right click to download.

Ether (me on Guitars, James Daniello on keys/bass)
Tram (me on piano/Vox/Guitar, Andy McRory on Fretless Bass - Lyrics by Jens Leuner)
Amazing Grace (me on guitars, Ray Thigpen on piano, not sure of others)

FAWM 2007 Songs

These are songs that I wrote and recorded for the 2007 February is Album Writing Month challenge to write and record 14 songs in the month of February 2007.  It was quite a challenge.  Yes, you only see 13 songs here - one of them was private for my wife as a Valentine's Day present - for her ears only!

Train Lilt
Frozen Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
The 3rd Way  The Myth of Redemptive Violence
Bent The Lord's Prayer
Have You? DADGADummit
The Way We Roll Under the Same Sky

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My Writing

Valley Deli Writing Club My brother-in-law is a very creative person and started a writing club - I reluctantly joined in. We meet at the Valley Deli in Flint, MI. The links here will open various bits of my writing submissions for the club.
Phantom Tollbooth CD Reviews I'm a music junkie. But I do have a full family to feed and can't afford to buy CD's as often as I would like. So, I write CD reviews - payment is that I get to keep the CDs. Here's a list of CD reviews that I've done for the Phantom Tollbooth website, which reviews media from a Christian perspective. jump to top

My Photos

PhotographerNot Every once in awhile I take a photograph that I think looks pretty cool. Here they are.  Click on them to open them in a new browser window.

image example What is it? This photo to the left is one of my favorites that I have taken. Take a guess as to where it's from. OK, time is up. These were little lint balls that I took out of our clothes dryer when I had to repair it - they were trapped inside the paddles that are attached to the rotating drum of the dryer. I put them on a piece of solid color construction paper and shot in the evening when the sun was low.

image example Feather and Leaf This is a photo of a tiny little feather resting on an oak leaf which is resting on the railing of our deck. I happened to be sitting in a chair on our deck and I looked down and saw this little feather. I thought "I should take a picture of that feather." So I did. Actually, I took about 30 pictures of it on this leaf in various positions - in color and B&W and Sepia. This is my favorite from those photos.
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Music Making Links

  Larrivee Guitars Excellent hand-made solid wood guitars. I'm a fan. 

  Tracktion Audio/MIDI Sequencer. This is the sequencer I've migrated to - I really like the workflow.

REKKERD.ORG Samples and beats extraordinaire, and the host of this website.

KVRAUDIO.COM - The center of the audio plugin universe.

Other Links

biblegateway.com - The complete bible in many different translations.

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