Song Story

Meet Dinh Hoang I entered this into the February 2005 KVR Audio contest. The voice is a co-worker of mine, Dinh Hoang. The contest asks us to 'Liberate an unknown personality'. Dinh came to the US years ago as a refuge from the Vietnam War; spoke no english, swept floors to get by, then became an excellent electronics technician. Dinh is saying 'I like this song.' and 'Music is the Universal Language' in both English and North Vietnamese. In hearing his story and what he has gone through, he has become a hero to me. I hope you enjoyed meeting him

Listen Click here to listen to Meet Dinh Hoang

How I made Meet Dinh Hoang This song was really an experiment in automation in Tracktion. Soft synths used were a bunch: Carbon, Claw, Crystal, Triangle II, Superwave P8, Mr. Ray's Electric Piano. On the main 'woop woop' sound, I used Bionic Delay and messed around with the feedback of the delay with automation curves. On Dinh's voice, I applied all kinds of different effects on individual clips in the tracks. Some people liked this, some people didn't.