Song Story

Cerulean Sky Our family spent 6 weeks in Sweden in late August and September of 2000. Most days it was sunny and I guess it was the angle of the sun making this deep blue, contrasted against golden fields of either oats or barley, with the bright reds and yellows the Swedes use to paint their houses. It was a live Piet Mondrian painting each day. The blue impressed me the most.

NEWS FLASH - New version featuring live drums from Lorenz Schimpf from Germany.  A big improvement over the original version.

Listen Click Here to Listen to Original
Click Here to Listen to New Version featuring Lorenz Schimpf on Drums

Lyrics to Cerulean Sky

Copyright 2004 - Scott Lake

Verse 1:
Today this word is more than just the label,of my favorite in the box of colors.
I see it painted all above my head on the roof of which the world is covered.
Can't see this far except on days like today; A hard, clear morning late October.
Thinking of the Maker and his Glory, His gift to me of azure wonder.

So deep and yet so bright
I feel it fall around me and lift my spirit up so high.
I don't deserve to see the beauty You made for me today,
This cerulean sky, cerulean sky

Verse 2:
The priests at university can explain it all away.
Citing how the light bends differently in the Autumn like today.
But this blue belies much more than simple physics can explain.
I know better. Yeah I know better.

Repeat Chorus

It's later now and shimmering with diamond dust.
Uncountable reasons wink at me with Heaven's lust.
How can I chase after such things that only end in rust?
I know better. Yeah I know much better.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
I take this blue and commit it to a memory.
Wrapped with words and sounds of wood and steel and ivory.
I'll save it for a day when I forget from Whom it came.
This cerulean sky. His cerulean sky.

How I made Cerulean Sky This is the very first song I ever recorded in Tracktion and I have to say that it was very rewarding. Vocals tracked through my CAD M-177 LDC mic. Guitars were through my Behringer V-Amp; and Strat fans should be able to tell which switch position I had it in (Neck/Middle). EP was Mr. Rays VSTi and it was processed with NDC Tremelo. Brush drums were lifted off of a CD and slowed down in ACID. Other drums were programmed by me. Organ was ZR-3 soft synth.

On the new version, I deleted all of the drums that I had laid in orignally and sent a FLAC file to Lorenz Schimpf over the internet. He recorded the excellent drum track that you hear, and sent it back to me as a 320 kbps mp3 file. I only had to mix it in to my original song and voila!