Song Story

Agua Fria This is just a little instrumental number that I made on my Larrivee acoustic guitar by moving a 3 note chord shape down the fretboard.  The shape is the same as the open shape for the Amajor7 chord.  There are a few other complimentary chords involved, but most of them involve this little shape at various frets.  I entered the song into a song contest and it ended up smack in the middle of the songs. I named it Agua Fria because it reminded me of running water; and it was cold here in Michigan. I think it means 'Cold Water' in Spanish, but I'm not sure.

How I made 'Agua Fria' I used my CAD M-177 mic on my Larrivee acoustic guitar at the 12th fret. The electric piano in the song is Mr. Ray's Electric Piano 2 soft synth.  The lead synth line is from the Triangle II soft synth.  The drums are mostly pre-recorded loops and some additional programmed drums where I used Drumatic.  I used Bionic Delay on the programmed drums, synced to the tempo of the song.  I recorded my SX SPJ-62 Bass guitar direct through my dbx mini pre microphone pre-amp. I used Tracktion to record the song. Rendered to .mp3 at 128 bit rate with LAME encoder.

Listen Click Here to listen to Agua Fria