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View From Mulholland Mulholland drive is a road in Los Angeles that runs along a ridge in the Hollywood Hills. Most likely you have seen a shot from Mulholland Drive in a movie. On a clear night, you can see for miles either to the north San Fernando Valley, or to the south to the main part of LA and beyond. You can see evidence of the existence of millions of people with one glance. When I was there with my wife back a few years ago, I immediately thought of what God must see in an instant. The lyrics tell my feelings about this place

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Lyrics to View From Mulholland

Copyright 2005 - Scott Lake

Above the City of Angels on this ribbon I ride.
The Golden Web of Edison stretched out on every side.
Looking sideways at the stars and jewelled threads hanging in the air.
I pause to think what You must feel and if I can really care.
What do You see, different from what I see?
What do You see in your view from Mulholland?

I see a sea of humanity lost in their anonymity.
What is it that keeps You interested in each one
Like I believe You are in me?

Repeat Chorus

Where I see lights, You know each life.
I try to care but cannot dare to imagine the pain You must bear
when You see each one, and what they've done

Repeat Chorus

The granite palace behind me as a tribute to man-made beauty
And below on Rodeo they're buying the latest thing
that they don't need
just to carry more money

Repeat Chorus to end

How I made View from Mulholland There are just a few tracks to this song. The acoustic piano is the featured instrument. It's the free Warren Trachtman sampled Steinway soundfont played through sfz and then some very drippy reverb is added using AriesVerb. There are a few different electric guitar tracks: There is a kind of spacey pad that plays throughout the song. I recorded this, but I have to give credit to Andy McRory from San Diego for giving me the idea on how to record this sound.   It's my strat played through a signal chain which includes compression, an autofilter, delay and reverb. Then there is some solo lines that were my strat played through my Behringer V-Amp 2 on probably one of the Fender Amp simulations - I don't remember the details. Vocals were recorded with my CAD M-177 microphone. All recording tracked in Tracktion.

On this page  you will find Andy's excellent version of this song.  Thanks again Andy!  Make sure to listen to Andy's other tracks on his music pages.